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Glasses were raised on Christmas Day as the DellaPietra Family celebrated the engagement of one of its own. Carina Marie DellaPietra is engaged to Christopher Fabozzi. She is the daughter of Paul DellaPietra of Webster and granddaughter of Anthony DellaPietra of Boynton Beach, Florida. Chris is the son of Nick and Jean Fabozzi of Buffalo.  Carina and Chris live in Lancaster while Carina teaches at Starpoint CSD in Lockport. The extended family is extremely thrilled for this happy couple and look forward to more days to celebrate.


It is with sadness that we announced the death of a loved mother, sister, grandmother and aunt, Lucy LaPietra Molica of East Rochester. Lucy was the daughter of Angela and Peter Paul LaPietra of Fairport, the seventh of nine children. She is survived by her daughter, Marilyn Molica Bloomer and her son Rick Molica, along with her grandchildren.

Lucy was 92 at the time of her passing on December 22nd and leaves two siblings, Jim LaPietra, 90, of Sacramento and Liz Petti, 88 of East Rochester.  She spent her youth with Jim and Liz as the "Big Three" according to their father.  Lucy was known for her quiet humor and warm presence in family gatherings along with her "killer" Gin Rummy skills. Rest in peace dear one.

Phil Beauchamp and Idalia Romero have announced their engagement to each other, and their plans to get married on July 21, 2018.

Phil is the son of Gerard and Christina Della Pietra Beauchamp.  Christina was one of four children born to Gaetano and Rosa Maria D'Amelia Della Pietra who emigrated from Lanciano in the early 1900's.

It is believed that Gaetano came to the US around 1905, went back to get his wife Rosa, then returned in 1908.  They started their business, Della Pietra Building Supplies, in Fairport, and moved it to East Rochester where it continued to operate until Gerard and Christine's retirement in 1987.

Idalia is a native of Puerto Rico.  Her family emigrated to the US in 1953 and settled in New York City.  In the early 1990's Idalia moved to Maryland where she met Phil.  Their wedding will be celebrated in the Rochester area and details of their honeymoon are still in the making. We congratulate the couple on this coming happy event.

Congratulations to Florida grandparents, Millie and Gary Petti, on the birth of their third granddaughter on September 12. Baby Julia Catherine is the daughter of Katie and Neil Petti.  Great- grandmother, Liz LaPietra Petti of East Rochester, counts 5 grand-daughters and 3 great-grandaughters in her far-flung family as well as a grandson and great grandson, also of Florida. What a good crowd when they gather!



The DellaPietra family gathered on the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd to celebrate the birthday of Tony DellaPietra, son of Josephine LaPietra and Paul DellaPietra of East Rochester. Tony shares his birthday with his eldest son, T.J., who came from Tokyo, Japan with his two oldest sons,Nico and Teo, to join in the festivities.
Extended family gathered for a picnic on Saturday and immediate family hosted a brunch at Midvale CC on Sunday. It was a weekend of fun, laughter, food and talk that will not be forgotten by all its participants. Happy Birthday Tony and T.J.!


Cousins met for the first time in July, 2017 because of summer school teaching assignments at Rochester City School #5. Bob Beauchamp, son of Gerard and Christine DellaPietra Beauchamp and grandson of Maria Rosa and Gaetano DellaPietra recognized the name of a colleague. Phil LaPietra, the son of Janice Wood and Antonio LaPietra and the grandson of Catherine and Carmine LaPietra, had a name familiar to Bob and the two became acquainted. Bob learned that he taught in the same program as Jan LaPietra about 20 years ago and the two never connected at the time. Despite the difference in the last names, their grandfathers, Gaetano and Carmine, were brothers who immigrated to this area from Lanciano, Italy in 1905 and 1911 respectively. What a happy coincidence for first cousins once removed to finally meet under these circumstances.


It was a happy day on June, 25, 2017 when Heather Sudano, daughter of Elaine Susan Petti Sudano and granddaughter of Joseph and Elizabeth LaPietra Petti was married in Sparks, Nevada in the Red Hawk Golf and Resort gardens. Heather’s spouse, Andrew Gregory, a military veteran, is currently studying Mechanical Engineering while Heather continues to be employed by Intuit in Reno, Nevada. Heather’s uncles, Gary Petti and wife of Florida and Jack Petti and family from East Rochester attended the wedding. Heather and Andrew live happily in Reno with their two mutts. All of Heather’s relatives in East Rochester and beyond wish the couple many years of happiness and success.


It is with sadness that we report the death of Rose LaPietra Dorazio in Longwood, Florida on May 23rd. Rose was the oldest daughter of Victoria (Vecchiarelli) and Nicola LaPietra. Rose was born and raised in East Rochester and attended school there from K-12. Rose was together with her husband Alton Dorazio for 70 years beginning in high school in East Rochester. Their children David, Diana, Donna and Karyn were raised and educated in East Rochester also. Because of Al's work at Stromberg-Carlson the family relocated to Florida and have resided there for many years. Rose's life was centered on her four children, twelve grandchildren and six great grandchildren. She is also survived by three sisters: Joanne Bazinet, Mary Jane Dorazio and Patricia Bowmer and their families. Her extended family remembers "Rosie" fondly. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all who loved Rose as a wife, mother, grandmother and sister. 


A find by Bob Beauchamp, son of Christine (DellaPietra) and Gerard Beauchamp, brought back memories of the entrepreneurship of our immigrant ancestors in East Rochester. Pictured here are tool aprons given out to customers by East Rochester Lumber, a company founded by Paul DellaPietra. Bob Beauchamp also had aprons with contact information for DellaPietra Building Supplies a business begun by his grandfather, Gaetano DellaPietra and continued by his parents. The founders of these businesses,cousins Gaetano and Paul,came to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. They did not know English, had the equivalent of a 5th grade education in Italy and no more than $25 in their pocket when they arrived in the area. It is a testimony to their hard work and ambition that they established businesses that flourished and provided a good life to their descendants. Bob's find provides a look back at a treasured family memory.


Their father, Francesco Paolo LaPietra (aka Peter Paul) called them the "The Big Three" in reference to the 3 leaders during World War II (FDR,Churchill and Stalin).  They were the youngest of the nine children of Peter Paul LaPietra and Angela Nasuti of Fairport,NY and were famous for always coming and going together until they married. This year we celebrate their milestone birthdays in the LaPietra family.  From left to right:  Elizabeth LaPietra Petti of East Riochester celebrates her 88th birthday on July 8James LaPietra of Sacramento, CA celebrates his 90th birthday on June 22nd and Lucy LaPietra Molica of Baldwinsville, NY celebrates her 92nd birthday on July 7th.  Though health issues have affected their quality of life they remain the "elders" of this family and are remembered with affection by all the descendants of the LaPietra clan scattered far and wide. Happy Birthday Uncle Jim, Aunt Lucy and Aunt Liz!

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